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International Economics

Building Economics    

Macroeconomic Analysis    

Employment Situation
Health Law And Economics    

Principles Of Finance    

Community Management And Organisations
Business Research    

Climate Change Economics And Policy    

Introduction To Property And Real Estate
The Global Economy    

Economic And Legal Context For Financial Planning 

Economics For Managers

Microeconomic analysis of a specific market or industry
Macroeconomic analysis of the national economy
Analysis of economic policies and their impact on the economy
Evaluation of the economic performance of a specific country 
Case study analysis of a business decision-making process
Research paper on a specific economic topic or issue
Presentation on a current economic event or trend
Problem sets on economic models and concepts.

To succeed in economic assignments, students need to have a solid understanding of economic concepts and theories, as well as good analytical and research skills.








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Understand the question

Make sure you understand the requirements of the question before starting your assignment. If you are unsure about any aspect of the question, seek clarification from your instructor.

Conduct research

Conduct thorough research on the topic using reputable sources such as academic journals, government reports, and economic databases. This will help you to gather relevant and up-to-date information.

Plan your assignment

Plan your assignment by creating an outline or a mind map. This will help you to organize your ideas and ensure that your assignment is coherent and logical.

Use economic concepts

Use economic concepts and theories to analyze the issue or problem you are discussing. Make sure you define any economic terms you use and explain how they are relevant to your analysis.

Provide evidence

Use data and statistics to support your arguments. This will help to strengthen your analysis and demonstrate that you have conducted thorough research.


Use examples

Use real-world examples to illustrate your points. This will help to make your analysis more concrete and easier to understand.

Use clear and concise language: Use clear and concise language to express your ideas. Avoid using jargon or overly complex language that may confuse your reader.

Research First

Start by researching for a unique topic. If you already have an assignment topic decided by the professor, find an intriguing aspect to stand out

Make Sure To Write For The Target Audience

Write the assignment keeping the target audience in mind. Academic assignments usually are read by professors, fellow students, and sometimes by the research scholars as primary sources of information. So keep the content, language, and information precise.

Design Your Papers

Wondering ‘How to structure an assignment?’ Get an idea about different assignment types, and their designing methods straight from the in-house experts in

Read Samples has a massive repository of solved assignment sample format that students from all corners of the world can use to resolve typical assignment writing problems. If you too are seeking answers for queries like 'how to write an assignment’, and ‘can’t work on my assignment structure’, we are just a click away from you.

Read the instructions

Make sure you understand the requirements of the assignment before creating the outline. This will help you to ensure that you include all the necessary components.


Identify the main topic

Identify the main topic of the assignment and write it at the top of your outline. This will help you to stay focused on the main idea throughout the assignment.


Break down the topic:

Break down the main topic into smaller subtopics. For example, if the assignment is about inflation, subtopics could include causes of inflation, effects of inflation, and methods to control inflation.


Arrange the subtopics

Arrange the subtopics in a logical order that makes sense. For example, start with the causes of inflation, move onto the effects of inflation, and finish with methods to control inflation.


Create headings and subheadings

Create headings and subheadings for each of the subtopics. This will help you to organize your ideas and make the assignment easier to read.


Include key points

Under each subheading, include key points or arguments that you want to make. This will help you to ensure that you cover all the necessary points in your assignment.


Add supporting evidence

Add supporting evidence, such as statistics or examples, to each key point. This will help to strengthen your argument and demonstrate that you have conducted thorough research.



Write a conclusion that summarizes the key points you have made in the assignment. This will help to tie everything together and provide a final thought on the topic.



Include a reference list that cites all the sources you have used in the assignment. Make sure you follow the referencing style specified in the instructions.


Review and revise

Review and revise your outline to ensure that it is complete, logical, and makes sense. This will help you to write a well-structured and cohesive assignment.

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